Precision Power Services


Let PPS be your problem solver!

We understand that there are unforeseen circumstances that can and will impact your power source. From natural disasters to system overload to sudden surges and outages, there is no problem we can’t solve.

Quality Service

How do you measure quality in the power supply protection business? By having continuous and uninterrupted power so that you can keep doing whatever you do. We pride ourselves in safeguarding your computer and electrical system power through our quick response service times, our experienced and knowledgeable troubleshooting, and our assortment of quality products. It is our goal that while we are keeping your power safe that we are creating an outstanding customer service experience.

Solution Focused

While power is the same for everyone, everyone is not the same. We strive to provide individualized services to each of our customers because each one has a specific need. But, what’s the same is our attention to details, our follow-through, and our desire to ensure that we have exceeded every customers’ expectation. We do that by spending time listening to your concerns and working with you to achieve your power protection goals.