Precision Power Services

Protecting critical power sources for over 20 years!

If your power source has been experiencing black outs, brown outs or is just burnt out, let Precision Power Services (PPS) be the one you use to protect your power source! Whether you have an outdated or poorly designed electrical system, or your system experiences frequent overloads, we can take the pressure of power outages off your plate so you can do what you do best!

Give us a call today, for a preliminary consultation, and let us show you how PPS can be your one and only power source protector solution!

Our Solutions

We understand that there are unforeseen circumstances that can and will impact your power source. From natural disasters to system overload to sudden surges and outages, there is no problem we can’t solve.


Problems happen, but, being prepared is the difference between success and disaster. If you current service warranty is about to expire allow us to develop a customized service agreement plan that will ensure your power source is protected and covered.

Battery Maintenance

PPS offers several Battery Maintenance Service plans to help make certain you don't have any battery failures. All battery maintenance services comply with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) guidelines for VRLA and Flooded batteries.


Load bank testing validates the correct operational performance and battery autonomy of the UPS system. It tests the UPS and generator under load conditions. It is most often carried out during preventative maintenance.

Quality Service

How do you measure quality in the power supply protection business? By having continuous and uninterrupted power so that you can keep doing whatever you do.

We pride ourselves in safeguarding your computer and electrical system power through our quick response service times, our experienced and knowledge troubleshooting, and our assortment of quality products. It is our goal that while we are keeping your power safe that we are creating an outstanding customer service experience.