UPS Services


The UPS system is one of the most critical parts of your electrical infrastructure.  A preventative maintenance plan is necessary to ensure that your equipment is running at its optimal condition and to minimize down times.  Precision Power Services offers a wide variety of service agreements which can be customized to your specific needs.  Unlike manufacturers and most independent service organizations, PPS keeps our contract base per field engineer ratio low, so we can provide you with excellent timely service.


Maintenance Agreements:

  1. Full Service
  2. Full Service no parts included
  3. PM Only
  4. Dispatch 24/7 service
  5. Guaranteed response times can be added to any agreement

Scope of work UPS Major PM

Scope of Work UPS Minor PM


UPS Startup and Recommissioning Service

Thermal Scans

UPS Load Bank Testing

3,000 square feet local warehouse with over $500,000 worth of UPS spare parts